About Us


Along with our in-house brand, Alperstein Designs collaborates with Aboriginal Artists & Art Centres around Australia, creating unique ranges of lifestyle gifts and homewares for both people abroad & Australians alike! 


We are a small family wholesale business (established in 1996) who supply high end retailers, including galleries & museums, with quality, functional lifestyle gifts and homewares.

Whilst Alperstein Designs is not an Aboriginal owned business, we have long established relationships spanning over 15 years with many Aboriginal Artists and Art Centres. We work primarily with practicing artists whose primary focus is in art making with exhibitions within Australia and around the world. Products are made in consultation with the artists and art centres and aim to complement their existing practice.



Alperstein Designs reproduce Aboriginal artworks, under license, on a range of functional lifestyle products so that you can bring some art into your everyday!
Royalties from these products benefit the artists and their community.

We pay ongoing royalties based on licensing agreements which are renewed periodically together with the Artists and Art Centre. Artists always retain copyright ownership of their artwork. Before going into production, we consult with the Artists and Art Centres to ensure that the products you enjoy have been signed off on and all products come packaged with information about the artists and the artwork.


Artworks showcased in the Art Gallery are original, authentic artworks.
These artworks are consigned for sale, direct from the Art Centre and come with certification from the Art centre so you can feel confident in the artwork providence and that you have ethically purchased an incredible artwork. Listed sale prices are set in consult with the Art Centre to ensure that sale prices are in line with primary art market prices.


We are members of The Indigenous Art Code and the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia which work to ensure ethical dealings within the sector.

The Indigenous Art Code is a system to preserve and promote ethical trading in Indigenous Art. The purpose of the Code is to establish standards for dealings between Dealers and Artists to ensure:

(a) fair and ethical trade in Artwork;  
(b) transparency in the process of promotion and sale of Artwork; and
(c) that disputes arising under the Code are dealt with efficiently and fairly.
The Aboriginal Art Association of Australia
serves and represents artists, individuals and organisations that produce, promote, protect or support Aboriginal Art and the cultures that create and nurture that art.


Alperstein Designs products are produced in Australia and Offshore.
You can see all our Australian Made products here.


We wholesale our products nationally and internationally. If you would like to become a stockist please visit the wholesale page.

If you are a consumer who would like to find your nearest local stockist please contact us with the product you are interested in and what areas are nearby to you and we will let you know the best option.


Alperstein Designs also caters to the corporate market through a broad range of services. With our in house art department we can take you from concept through to finished product. With full control of design and production we are able to be flexible in catering to all types of needs. If you're looking to create exclusive retail ranges and brands, or custom products for your upcoming events - we can be of service!