Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Here's to all the dads! 
If you're looking for a meaningful gift with a sense of purpose, then look no further... we've got you covered!

Authentic Aboriginal Artworks. Paintings on Canvas.
Original Artworks consigned directly from the Art Centre.
These beautiful artworks are sourced from Warlukurlangu Artists, one of the longest running and most successful Aboriginal owned art-centres in Central Australia. All artworks are consigned for sale and come certified by the Art centre so you can feel confident in the artwork providence and that you have ethically purchased an incredible artwork.
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Aboriginal Art Fold up Duffel Bags
Not only are these duffel bags great for the gym or when you're off on adventures but they also fold up so you can have a bag ready to go in case of emergency. Stick one in the boot of your car or in your suitcase and you're all set! Available in assorted designs.

Eucalyptus Aftershave Balm and Body Wash.
Start the day right with with a soothing Eucalyptus Aftershave Balm, Body Wash and Soap. Made in Australia, products are blended with Australian natives and presented with artwork from Victorian Aboriginal artist Mick Harding (pictured above), Ngarga Warendj (Daning Wombat).

Australian Made Aboriginal Art Face Mask
Headwear and Face Masks
We've got him covered... literally! Head out in style with a huge selection of reusable face masks and top if off with a Visor, Baseball Cap or Bucket Hat! Available in assorted designs and styles. 

From Head to Toes
Socks are normally a standard kind of gift but these are not standard socks! Made in Australia, cotton socks featuring incredible artworks from incredible artists from Warlukurlangu Artists and Jilamara Arts & Craft Association. Available in assorted designs.

Aboriginal Art Silk Ties
Look the part! Dress the part! Wear a tie! Better yet wear a Silk tie with amazing Aboriginal Art packaged in a gift box with information about the Artists and Artwork. Image: Tina Martin Silk Tie from Warlukurlangu Artists. 

Aboriginal Art Glasses Case
On the Case
Don't let your glasses get sat on or squashed. Stick them in one of these brilliant hard cover glasses cases. They come with a matching lens cloth so you'll have a clear view ahead! Image: Teddy Gibson Glasses Case with matching lens cloth.

Aboriginal Art Insulated Travel Coffee Mug
Coffee to go!
Sometimes it feels like there's just no time to stop and smell the coffee. In which case you need one of these great Insulated Coffee mugs. Double walled to keep the heat in your drink and away from your hands. Not only do they look great, lets face it, drinking a hot drink from a ceramic mug is the best! Much than better than a paper cup!
Aboriginal Art Gift Cards
Put it in writing!
Sometimes we forget to tell people how we feel. Sure they may know it, but maybe they don't? Besides, it's always nice to hear it again and who doesn't love a heartfelt card?

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